Lee Suk Hoon Was Certain Daniel Kang Would Debut

Lee Suk Hoon didn’t hesitate to pick Daniel Kang as the contestant he believed in from the very beginning.

In a recent episode of Taxi, the trainers of Produce 101 shared what they thought about the WANNA ONE members.

When they were asked who they believed would make it to the final 11, Lee Suk Hoon immediately picked Daniel Kang.

As soon as I saw him, I thought, ‘He’s definitely going to make it.'”

— Lee Suk Hoon

He explained that Daniel’s smile, body, and dance skills were already enough to guarantee him a spot in the final 11.

“His smile was so bright that it even gave me butterflies in my stomach. He’s incredibly pretty, and his smile was so positive. He has a very attractive body, and he danced really well. So I believed he would definitely succeed. I even told my manager.”

— Lee Suk Hoon 

The other trainers Cheetah and Shin Yoomi chose Lee Daehwi and Hwang Minhyun respectively. 

Watch the segment here!


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