Rapper Lee Young Ji Exposes The “Celebrity” DM’s She’s Received From Son Heung Min And Eminem

We have no words for this absurdity.

On December 4, rapper Lee Young Ji took to her Instagram account and exposed all of the weird direct messages she’s received, including from different “celebrities”—but it is not what you’d expect.

Rapper Lee Young Ji | @youngji_02/Instagram

The High School 3 winner shared a series of different screenshots on her social media account that exposed the strange content of the direct messages she’s received. The first person Lee Young Ji asked a very strange question, which involved the rapper’s belly button piercing and a mask.

| @youngji_02/Instagram

Another DM shared a very important date with the rapper—Lee Young Ji’s impending mandatory military enlistment.

| @youngji_02/Instagram

We hope that you are doing well. This is Korea’s Military Manpower Administration. Your enlistment date is scheduled for December 27. Please visit your nearest regional office and submit the required documents.

— Unknown Instagram user

Next up, she had someone impersonate the very famous South Korean soccer player Son Heung Min, as they slid into her DM’s with an interesting request.

Soccer player Son Heung Min | Football London

The person claiming to be the soccer player asked Lee Young Ji if she would appear on 2 Days & 1 Night with him.

| @youngji_02/Instagram

And lastly, the High School 3 rapper received a very exciting album collaboration offer…

| @youngji_02/Instagram

…ƒrom someone claiming to be the one and only, Eminem.

Rapper Eminem | People

What a strange array of spam DM’s. Hopefully, Lee Young Ji got a good chuckle out of these!

Source: WikiTree