Leejung Lee And Noze’s Adorable Friendship Proves Opposites Attract, Here’s How

Their chemistry is so cute!

Mnet‘s dance competition show Street Woman Fighter introduced audiences to a ton of talented dancers, and also launched some iconic friendships! One of these is the friendship between YGX‘s leader, Leejung Lee, and WAYB‘s leader, Noze.

Leejung Lee (left) and Noze (right).

The two dancers were some of the youngest people on the show and were actually the two youngest leaders there. So it’s no wonder that the two seem to have clicked after working together on Street Woman Fighter!

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They even earned themselves the nickname “Jushikjeu” (Jushik means “stocks” or “stock market”) after a cute exchange on Street Woman Fighter. Leejung jokingly called back to a comment made by PROWDMON‘s Monika and Noze couldn’t help but laugh!

Leejung: I also watched our video like I watch the stock market.

Noze: You don’t even know how the stock market works!

Fans have picked up on some adorable differences between the two in terms of their personality. But these differences just make their friendship even more lovable in netizens’ eyes! For instance, the two approach eating in completely different ways. Leejung tends to go all in and hands-on…

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… while Noze uses utensils when they’re available!

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Leejung doesn’t shy away from showing how much she’s enjoying her meal…

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… but Noze usually takes small bites!

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On stage, the two even had different instincts when they got a chance to lay down. Noze found a raised platform she could comfortably lay down on, while Leejung simply took a spot on the ground!

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They had two different reactions to receiving compliments, as well. Leejung had a super confident reaction while Noze got shy!

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And when they received a “sympathy vote,” Noze’s first reaction was to cheer but Leejung hilariously got angry when hearing about it.

Even though they’re different in these ways, they have an undeniable chemistry as friends and as dancers! They match perfectly while dancing…

… and are just simply adorable together, too.

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Noze and Leejung are just one of the many iconic pairs to come out of Street Woman Fighter. While the competition may have been intense, there’s no doubt that the contestants really clicked behind the scenes. Read more about another one of the show’s strong friendships below!

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