“Street Woman Fighter” Aiki Chose The Fellow Dancer From The Show Who She Is Closest To, And Here Is Her Pick

Their friendship is adorable!

Since it started airing, Mnet‘s reality show, Street Woman Fighter, has gained popularity worldwide for shining a light on professional dancers. In particular, fans have fallen in love with the dancers on each team, and one of those is HOOK’s dance leader Aiki!

HOOK dancer Aiki | @aiki_kr/ Instagram

Although Street Woman Fighter is a competition, the contestants were brought to the show for their joint passion and love for dancing. Despite the high stakes and competitiveness, it seems as if there is a high level of respect and admiration for their peers. 

Aiki recently appeared in an interview with MAMAMOO‘s Solar, where they discussed the nature of the show, why she chose to participate, and much more.

In particular, Solar asked Aiki if there was another dancer on the show that she had become particularly close with. Although it might seem surprising because of the competition, Aiki actually picked eliminated team WAYB’s leader Noze!

WAYB dancer Noze | @nozeworld/ Instagram

As soon as Aiki mentioned her name, Solar explained that the two did seem to have a “love line” during the show, and Aiki joked that she didn’t actually know how that name or role happened.

Yet, from the way that Aiki spoke about Noze, there is no denying why people may have sweet thoughts about the two dancers’ friendship. In particular, Aiki couldn’t stop praising her fellow dancer in the video.

She’s pretty, and she dances really well. And her dance style, personality, is my style.

— Aiki

To showcase their friendship, Solar asked Aiki to send a love heart to Noze. However, as she was using her hands to film the interview, it wasn’t possible, but she did send her love through her words, adding, “I’ll just say I love her. Noze, I love you.

It isn’t the first time fans have noticed the friendship between the two dancers. From posting selfies with each other to Noze fangirling over Aiki, it is clear that, despite Mnet trying to showcase the rivalry between groups, there is a firm bond between the dancers.

Considering how iconic the two dancers are, it is no surprise that they have a cute bond with each other and huge respect. With the show coming to an end, hopefully, fans will be able to see more interactions between the different dancers.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Solarsido