Aiki Turned Down The Chance To Appear On “Street Woman Fighter” Twice — Here’s Why She Finally Accepted The Offer

It showcases her leadership skills!

Since it started airing, Mnet‘s reality show, Street Woman Fighter, has gained popularity worldwide for shining a light on professional dancers. Although it has been surrounded by controversy, fans have fallen in love with the dancers on each team, and one of those is HOOK’s dance leader Aiki!

HOOK dancer Aiki for “Street Woman Fighter” | Mnet

From being the coolest mom in the world to choosing dancers based on their talent and appearance, fans have fallen in love with her! Yet, she recently revealed that fans might not have even had a chance to see HOOK on the show in the first place.

Aiki recently appeared in an interview with MAMAMOO‘s Solar, where they discussed the show, Aiki’s favorite dancer on the show, and much more.

During the video, Solar explained that she knew the show would be a hit as soon as it was announced. However, it seems as if Aiki was more skeptical about the process, especially when she was asked to take part with HOOK.

When I was first offered to appear, I was grateful, but I told them twice that I couldn’t go on it because I thought it would be really hard.

— Aiki

Aiki also added that the initial reluctance also came from the fact that she just loved to dance, and particularly that she likes to have fun while dancing and the change of pace in the show wasn’t something she wanted to experience.

I have a personality that doesn’t really fit with competitions. (About being on the show) I was really worn out, but to be honest, it has to be like that for the show to do well.

— Aiki

Yet, her memories and lessons learned from personally competing in dance competitions and the desire to allow her dancers to have the same experiences led to her participating.

In the end, I thought it would be good for them to grow more through competition. Like, ‘You guys go through this, too.’ But going on this, I think I’m also growing.

— Aiki

As expected, despite her reservations, Aiki proved to be an amazing leader putting her doubts aside to ensure that her dancers don’t lose out on opportunities and can grow. It also shows how down to earth she is because she shared her initial fears with Solar and recognized that she had to put her team’s progress ahead of her worries.

You can watch the whole interview below.

Source: Solarsido