Leeteuk and Heechul Seeing Psychological Counseling, Leetuek Cries Talking About His Struggles As Leader

It’s been a difficult 14 years.

Super Junior has been in the Korean music industry for 14 years, and it seems to have taken a toll on their leader, Leeteuk.


On the March 16 episode of Super TV, Leeteuk and Heechul were paired up to spend time with each other. Long-time ELFs would know that the two have had their fair share of differences and arguments, including the infamous backstage fist fight shortly after their Bonamana promotions.


Heechul decided that going to a psychological counselling center with Leeteuk would be a good idea for their activity together.


During the session, Heechul revealed his youthful personality and confessed how hard it is to contain his anger and not being able to maintain a long relationship.


Leeteuk, however, started crying when it was his turn.

“People always say the position you have makes you. Even if I don’t have leadership, I have to pretend that I do.” — Leeteuk


He released his inner feelings about being the group’s leader as the oldest member, even though he still feels unqualified to do so.

“I don’t think I have strong leadership. I thought I had no place to lean on, I was so lonely. But I think I can hold on” — Leeteuk


Heechul was next to Leeteuk the whole time he was crying, and expressed his appreciation for his leader with a lighthearted joke.

“It’s fortunate that Leeteuk is 9 days older than me. If I became leader, the group would have been ruined.”


With this, the two strengthened their bond and even took an art counseling class together. Viewers immediately praised Leeteuk for his strength and honesty on the program.

Source: iMBC

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