Legendary First-Generation K-Pop Idol Stuns Netizens With See-Through Dress

After two decades, she remains an iconic queen 👑🔥

Fin.K.L debuted as one of first-generation K-Pop’s hottest girl groups in 1998. Alongside fellow top girl groups such as S.E.S and Baby V.O.X, Fin.K.L ruled the K-Pop scene during the late ’90s and early 2000s.

(From left:) Fin K.L.’s Sung Yuri, Ock Joo Hyun, Lee Jin, and Lee Hyori

Fin K.L remained active as a group until 2005, when they formally disbanded. The members left a lasting impact on the industry and remain active in entertainment to this day. They even reunited and released a new song in 2019.

Fin K.L in 2019

Fin K.L member Lee Hyori, with her undeniable charisma, charm, talent, and gorgeous looks, quickly became a representative idol of K-Pop’s first generation.

Lee Hyori made her solo debut in 2003 and has officially had a successful solo career for two decades. She’s remained active in variety and reality programs while also taking time away from the spotlight when needed to enjoy a calmer lifestyle on Jeju Island with her husband, Lee Sang Soon.

Lee Hyori in her 2003 MV for “10 Minutes”

Lee Hyori’s last studio album was released in 2017, and she released two singles in 2022.

In February, Lee Hyori excited fans when she signed an exclusive contract with Antenna, leading many to hope she would be making a comeback soon.

Last week, Lee Hyori opened a new Instagram account after deleting her first one in 2020.

Lee Hyori in 2023 | @lee_hyolee/Instagram

Lee Hyori has slowly been rebuilding her Instagram and shocked netizens with her latest post showing her unaging visuals in a bold fashion look.

The veteran idol posted three stunning photos in a sheer dress, effortlessly pulling off the trendy “see-through” outfit with only a pair of black underwear underneath the dress.

| @lee_hyolee/Instagram
| @lee_hyolee/Instagram
| @lee_hyolee/Instagram

Netizens couldn’t get enough of the confident OG K-Pop queen in the sexy look and took their reactions to social media.

Legendary OG K-Pop idols, Kim Wan Sun and Uhm Jung Hwa also reacted to the hot new photos, leaving fire emojis to celebrate their fellow K-Pop queen.

Lee Hyori has always been a badass, from her confident concepts to her fearless personality, it’s easy to understand why she’s been a force in the industry for over two decades.

Source: Instagram
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