Legendary “Let Me In” Star Heo Ye Eun Shares How Plastic Surgery Drastically Affected Her Life 8 Years Later

She sat down for an interview 8 years after her viral plastic surgery transformation.

Back in 2012, Heo Ye Eun took the world by storm with her appearance on Let Me In 2 where she underwent a viral plastic surgery transformation that changed her life.

And 8 years later, she sat down with the YouTube channel, Allympics to talk about how the transformation changed her life as well as what she learned as a result.

Heo Ye Eun now works for the marketing team of a plastic surgery clinic, but before that she had a go at running an online shopping mall, worked at a duty-free shop, and even appeared in a movie in 2015.

And she opened up about how she feels about how her plastic surgery turned out.

It’s not obvious I got a nose job, right? It’s been 8 years now, and I love that I haven’t had any side effects.

— Heo Ye Eun

Although she loves how she looks now, she confessed that it was very hard on her following her appearance on the show.

I got my sugery when I was 20. I kept topping the real-time searches. I felt uncomfortable when I saw people reading about me on the subway. I thought I was doomed. That’s how I ended up suffering from social phobia.

— Heo Ye Eun

Furthermore, her transformation allowed her to learn the harsh reality of Korea.

After I got the surgery, I realized how much Korea values appearance. People’s attitude about me completely changed afterward.

— Heo Ye Eun

Heo Ye Eun admitted that men often hit on her afterward, but she stressed that she always informed them of her appearance on the show at the very beginning.

Many men asked for my number after. Whenever I went on dates, I told them I was on the show. I didn’t want to make them feel like they were scammed.

— Heo Ye Eun

But Heo Ye Eun is taken now, and it’s not any of the men that asked for her number.

I’ve been dating for 4 years now. He was a friend from way back before.

— Heo Ye Eun

Overall, Heo Ye Eun expressed that she has no regrets about her plastic surgery and that she doesn’t advise against it as long as it’s not excessive.

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Dispatch