Li Shang Will NOT Be In Disney’s Live Action Remake Of Mulan

More disappointing news for fans of Disney’s beloved classic.

There’s a strong rumor that Disney‘s 2020 live action remake of “Mulan” will completely remove the character of Captain Li Shang.


In the 1998 hit animated musical, Li Shang is Mulan‘s superior in the army and tasked with training the new recruits. He’s best known for the song “I’ll Make A Man Out of You.”

At the beginning of the movie, Li Shang despises Mulan for her incompetence, but when she works hard he begins to respect and even care for her.


He’s been theorized to be bisexual since the character begins to fall for Mulan, who is disguised as Ping, before he realizes that she is a woman. A relationship is hinted between the two at the end of the movie.

Fans believe the way Li Shang looks at Ping and the way he looks at Mulan is pretty much identical.


Last year, when the live-action remake of Mulan was announced, fans were sure there would be no way to replace Li Shang since he’s such a beloved character.


However, the upcoming movie’s casting call says otherwise. Disney created a new character called “Chen Honghui” in Li Shang’s place.


The new character sees Mulan as his “rival”, since Mulan is magically able to “out-maneuver” him. He hates her until the moment he finds out she is a woman. After which, the feelings turn into “something like love”.


It’s more than likely that Li Shang will not be making his long-awaited appearance. Donnie Yen has been said to be cast as “Commander Tung”, who is the same character as “Chen Honghui” in the casting description.


And fans are furious, especially after previous reports of changes to the storyline and a lack of American-Chinese representation in the cast.


Netizens are criticizing Disney’s lack of purposeful LGBT representation.


And have taken to listing all the things wrong with the planned remake.


Some fans revealed that they are even strongly boycotting it.


There’s no denying that Li Shang will definitely be missed!

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