Meet The LIGHTSUM Member Who Was A Trainee Before CLC And (G)I-DLE Even Debuted

She’s a long-term CUBE Entertainment trainee.

LIGHTSUM from Cube Entertainment recently made their debut with their single “Vanilla.” The eight-member group impressed fans with their synchronized dancing and strong vocals.

Among the members, one person stands out for a special reason. Leader, main dancer, and lead vocalist Juhyeon was a long-term trainee in the company. In fact, she’s the sunbae of CLC and (G)I-DLE, two girl groups who debuted in 2015 and 2018 respectively.

Juhyeon entered the company in 2014 when she was just 10 years old, making her too young to debut in their existing girl groups. CLC’s maknae, Eunbin, and (G)I-DLE’s maknae, Shuhua, were both born in 2000. Juhyeon, meanwhile, is a 2004-liner.

Juhyeon and CLC’s Eunbin | @superb_ean/Instagram

She formed close friendships with the members of both girl groups while they were all trainees. (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon once mentioned her in a live broadcast while talking about their former hangouts.

I used to ride snow sleds. I used to go sledding with a trainee in our company, her name was Juhyeon. It was a lot of fun.

— Soyeon

Fellow (G)I-DLE member Yuqi could not see herself as a senior despite being an already-debuted singer, partially because Juhyeon became a trainee a year before her.

Some of [the LIGHTSUM members] even trained with me like Juhyeon…[she] trained even longer than me. It still feels like I’m not a sunbae.

— Yuqi

When LIGHTSUM finally debuted, the seniors visited them on set. Several of Juhyeon’s friends like Soyeon and Eunbin even posted photos of her in congratulations.

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon’s photo of Juhyeon | @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon taking a photo of Juhyeon | @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram

Prior to debuting, Juhyeon participated in KBS‘s 2017 survival program The Unit. She was the youngest contestant and she earned the praise of the mentors for her powerful dancing.

The following year, she showed off her performance skills even more in KBS’s Dancing High.

After seven years of training, she’s now rocking it on stage with her LIGHTSUM members. Congratulations on your debut, Juhyeon!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out LIGHTSUM’s debut single “Vanilla” below.

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