Lisa Gets Not 1 But 11 Billboards In Times Square Celebrating Her Birthday

The outpouring of love for BLACKPINK’s Lisa is indescribable.

Fans of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa have organized 11 billboards in Times Square and an ad running over 1 minute to celebrate her 21st birthday.

Lisa is one of many K-Pop idols to have so billboards in Times Square rented out for their birthday. Idols such as Girl’s Generation‘s Tiffany, EXO‘s Lay, BTS‘s V and JiminWanna One‘s Kang Daniel and TWICE‘s Tzuyu have all received billboard advertisement as gifts.


The LEDs were organized by China Lisa Bar fan club, the first of Lisa’s fan clubs in China.

Fans speculate each billboard costs about $15,000, with a single fan said to have spent about $30,000 renting out two billboards in a different location in Times Square for Jennie‘s birthday.


Lisa’s 21st birthday is trending #1 worldwide on Twitter thanks to fans celebrating with the hashtag #BrightestStarLisaDay.


And there are ads celebrating Lisa’s bright personality all over the world, including Seoul’s massive COEX Mall.


Check out the outpouring of love for Lisa collected from all around the world!


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