Lisa Can’t Stand Watching BLACKPINK’s Music Video For This Reason

BLACKPINK’s Lisa admitted she couldn’t watch their music video for “As if it’s Your Last” for one reason.

In a recent radio program, BLACKPINK were asked how many times they had watched their own music video.

Jisoo revealed she watched it over 20 times to help fans raise the view count.

“I think I watched it around 20 times. I strongly want to help with raising the view count, so I tend to watch it more.”


Jennie said her mother always has the music video running in the background, so she’s constantly watching it while home.

“My mother turns the music video on at all times, so whenever I’m at home, I’m pretty much forced to watch it. I think I watch it at least once a day every day.”

— BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Rosé revealed she watched it around 6 times, while Lisa said she couldn’t really watch it because it was so embarrassing.

Image Source: Amino Apps

“In this music video, I just felt really awkward so I couldn’t really watch it.”


How many times have you watched it?