BLACKPINK Fooled Lisa So Well With Their Prank It’ll Make You Soft

She proved she was truly the maknae with her innocence.

In episode seven of BLACKPINK‘s 24/365 with BLACKPINK, the girls had some fun at a race track for a lighthearted competition to see who’s the fastest kart racer. They managed to have fun on and off the track, coming up with pranks to fool each other, with the help of the guest announcers.

Since Lisa was the first to attempt the race, the rest of the members couldn’t resist pranking her, causing such an innocent reaction no one could help feeling soft.

Walking the line between driving safely and wanting to make good time, Lisa did her best to race as fast as she could. By the end, she was feeling super confident she’d done well. After stepping out of the kart, she happily clapped and was excited to receive her time.

Little did she know, everyone had prepared a prank. Thanks to the ever-playful Jisoo, they all pretended that Lisa had broken a record. Jennie added, “Let’s say it took her a minute and thirty seconds.”

As soon as Lisa walked through the doorway, everyone tapped into their inner actors. They burst into a round of applause, surprising Lisa. Smiling, she was curious about all the excitement, “Why? What is this?

When they told her she’d earned a time that was close to that of a professional kart racer, Lisa couldn’t hide how happy the news made her. Her jaw nearly dropped to the floor. She raised her helmet into the air to celebrate her victory.

Knowing the truth, Jennie was thoroughly enjoying how easily Lisa had been fooled. Lisa wasn’t left out of the prank for too long, though.

When it was time for Lisa to write down the time that she’s earned from the kart race, they revealed her actual time: two minutes and nine seconds. After discovering she’d been completely fooled, all she could do was laugh at how well they played their roles.

The fact that Lisa had been so adorably excited before realizing the truth had fans feeling extremely soft.

Regardless of the outcome, Lisa did indeed do well—especially for her first race. Watch her innocent reaction to being thoroughly tricked by her members and the announcers.