Literally No One Hating Oh My Girl’s YooA, Fans Think She Looks Gorgeous

Oh My Girl‘s YooA was spotted in public and she’s looking absolutely gorgeous, despite what make-believe “comments” are claiming.

In recent photos, Oh My Girl’s YooA was spotted with double-eyelids and she still looks absolutely gorgeous. In the past, YooA was well known for having mono-lids and so when she was spotted with double-eyelids, fans couldn’t help but notice. It’s an extremely common beauty style in Korea to place “glue” to create double-eyelids, or sometimes even receive minor surgery for it.

These photos prove that YooA was beautiful before and she’s beautiful now, regardless of what some haters are saying about her. Fans shared how much they loved YooA, regardless of her style!

Check out YooA’s gorgeous photos below!

She looks absolutely stunning, even with a simple no makeup look and casual clothes.

Her colored contacts make her look like a fairy!
She looks like a doll!

YooA can rock both monolids and double eyelids.

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