“Little Psy” Hwang Min Woo Clarifies That He Is Not Dead Following Misguided Rumors

The news reports were about another “Little Psy”.

Hwang Min Woo, who is well-known for his appearance in the viral MV, “Gangnam Style”, recently uploaded a video on YouTube to address the rumors that he had passed away.

In the video, Hwang Min Woo explained, “Since there are still many people who think I’m dead, I decided to film a video to set the record straight.

According to the video, rumors about a “Little Psy” that passed away began with an article that was actually talking about another “Little Psy”, late Jeon Min Woo, who lived in China.

In the past, Jeon Min Woo performed Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” in China and even appeared on the Korean show, Star King, which is how he got the nickname, “Little Psy” as well.

The two even met when it was revealed that late Jeon Min Woo was suffering from a brain tumor. But unfortunately, late Jeon Min Woo passed away two years later in 2016.

Hwang Min Woo explained, “I’m still working hard in the industry, so I was sad when people thought I was dead. It pains my parents as well because people keep thinking their son passed away.

Watch Hwang Min Woo’s clarification video below:



Source: Insight
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