“Little Women” Star Wi Ha Joon Once Made Jessi Blush During An Interview Just By Talking About His Ideal Type

Nobody is safe from his fatal charms.

Wi Ha Joon has been slowly climbing the ladder of fame over the past few years with his amazing filmography. Last year, he got much wider recognition through his roles in Squid Game and Bad And Crazy. This year, he has swooped into even more people’s hearts with an amazing performance as Choi Do Il in the highly popular thriller drama “Little Women.”

Last year, while promoting his movie Shark The Beginning, Wi Ha Joon appeared on Jessi’s Showeterview with co-stars Kim Min Seok and Jeong Won Chang. The fun interview was filled with trademark Jessi moments that left the cast in splits. Often, the soft-spoken Wi Ha Joon was seen flabbergasted at the big personality of the host.

But during the second half of the show, he turned the tables with just one clean swipe. During a segment where each of the three lead actors was asked to speak in their native dialect, Wi Ha Joon got asked about his ideal type. He replied with a Jeolla accent that his ideal type is “Someone who looks cold, but when I get to know her, is soft-hearted,” and quickly followed it up by saying enthusiastically, “That’s what turns me on!”

Jessi ended up playfully mimicking his accent but concluded that the type of woman Wi Ha Joon likes fits her personality exactly. And with that, Wi Ha Joon was back to his flustered self while Jessi also broke into a shy, bashful smile.

It’s not an easy feat to make the badass Jessi blush, but who else could have pulled it off if not the mastermind Choi Do Il?

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