Meet The Members Of Liz Entertainment’s Upcoming Girl Group Girls’ World

The group had to postpone their debut but is coming soon.

Liz Entertainment teased K-Pop fans by dropping two teasers featuring their upcoming girl group Girls’ World, set to debut in June. So here’s everything you need to know about the group’s members to prepare for their debut.

Through the group’s official Instagram account, the company announced the first member Windy. She’s the leader of the group and holds the main vocal position. She was born on February 23, 2000, and was a former member of the disbanded girl group Milkyway (originally called Roovylette).

Windy | @official_girlsworld/Instagram

The second member announced through the group’s account was A-ra. Nothing else is known about her other than being the group’s rapper.

A-ra | @official_girlsworld/Instagram

The third member announced was Kyrin, who is the lead vocal. She was born on February 23, 2000, and is the twin sister of Windy, making them one of the few K-Pop groups with twins as members. Like her twin, Kyrin was part of the disbanded group Milkyway but also promoted with Rainbow Girl (originally known as Ping Pok) under her birth name Geumju.

Kyrin | @official_girlsworld/Instagram

Liz Entertainment caused a bit of confusion by announcing ICU‘s Naye and Chae-I as the fourth and fifth members but seemed to mean they were the remaining members of the collaboration for Girls’ World’s debut. The rookie group does have more than three members, though.

ICU’s Naye and Chae-I. | @official_girlsworld/Instagram

In a separate post from the group’s official Instagram, Liz Entertainment revealed that they’d moved the group’s debut from May to June because of the fourth member Hari. Because she seems to be a minor from Japan, the company faced issues with her visa and schooling.

As the company works hard to bring Hari to Korea, the other three members held live broadcasts and are getting ready for the debut showcase with their seniors ICU.

| @official_girlsworld/Instagram

Check out the teasers for Girls’ World’s upcoming debut and collaboration with their ICU seniors.

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