Here’s How Long It Takes K-Pop Groups To Learn Choreography According To A Former Idol

The minimum time is 🤯

Unless you’re a dancer yourself, you can probably agree that many K-Pop dances look incredibly difficult to learn. But just how long does it take the idols themselves to learn choreography? In a new installment of her “IDOL INSIDER” series, former K-Pop idol Blady‘s Tina (now more commonly known as Christine Park or Park Soobin) revealed all.

According to Christine Park, once a company selects the choreographers they want to work with, it’s time for those choreographers to teach idols the dance they’ve created. All in all, that process takes place over several sessions, with idols practicing the choreography themselves between “classes.” However, you may be surprised to learn how quickly the entire learning process can be completed.

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Christine reveals that learning choreography can take idols anywhere from one week to just one day. While that timing varies, the exact length of time they spend learning generally comes down to two factors. The first is how difficult the dance is. The former idol explained that learning a dance can be particularly hard when the group is trying out a new genre.

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The other factor involved is when the group’s comeback. Somewhat shockingly, Christine Park divulged that sometimes, “the music video might be only a week away or three days away.” In these cases, learning the dance in a day may be a necessity, no matter how difficult it is.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa (pictured) recently revealed she can learn a choreography in two to three hours from start to finish. | BLACKPINK/YouTube

Christine Park went on to explain that usually, idols learn everything up to the song’s first chorus in just one class session with the choreographer. Then they learn the second half of the song in a second session. Between those sessions, the idols also watch through the sample videos their choreographers film to practice on their own.

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Curious as to how much choreographers make for their work? Christine Park revealed that too.

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