LOONA Chuu’s Staff Said Her Cooking Was Average But Changed His Mind When He Remembered Who Pays Him

He changed his score of the dish immediately.

LOONA‘s Chuu recently posted a new video on her YouTube channel 지켜츄 Chuu Can Do It, wherein she tries to make various street foods!

Title card for 지켜츄 Chuu Can Do It | 지켜츄 Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

Keeping with the show’s theme of saving the Earth, all the food she prepared was categorized under Pulmuone‘s “Earth Diet” products, which means they were vegan, healthy, and environmentally friendly! Some staff members would serve as the judges for Chuu’s cooking.

LOONA’s Chuu | 지켜츄 Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

After some hard work (and a lot of help from the show’s writer), all of the dishes were ready! Chuu prepared rose dongle tteokbokki (a popular Korean dish made of rice cake typically seasoned in spicy chili paste) with fried dumplings, tofu noodle pasta, and a tender tortilla wrap!

The judges Chuu selected for the taste test were the show’s lighting director, producer, and writer. First, they showered her rose dongle tteokbokki with compliments!

But they also mentioned that perhaps the product was just tasty, to begin with, regardless of whether it was Chuu who prepared it.

When it finally came time to give their scores, Chuu was shocked to see the lighting director give it only a 3 out of 5!

He explained that he only found it average, but the producer quickly reminded him, “They’re paying us this month! How can you say that?” Referring, of course, to Pulmuone, who was sponsoring the video!

Immediately he changed his mind and said that the tteokbokki was really good! Instead, he blamed Chuu for undercooking the dumplings.

The rest of the shoot went without a hitch, and the staff also gave the other two dishes high scores. The team on 지켜츄 Chuu Can Do It will do anything to keep their sponsors happy!

Watch the full video below.