LOONA’s Chuu Has An Adorable Reaction To Finding Out She Resembles Actor Kim Jae Won

“I’d believe it if you said you were related.”

LOONA‘s Chuu is known for her lovely voice, amazing talent, cute visuals and so much more! While Chuu has caught everyone’s attention with her loveable charm, she has another quality that even she did not know about!

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Chuu recently guested on a recent episode of MCB‘s Radio Star where it was brought to her attention that she resembles actor Kim Jae Won.

One of the show MCs, Kim Gu Ra shared that Chuu’s appearance and smile is a lot like Kim Jae Won!

Feels a bit like the smiling angel Kim Jae Won in the past. I’d believe it if you said you were related.

— Kim Gu Ra

While Kim Jae Won is a talented actor who is very well known, Chuu was unaware of the actor and adorably asked, “Kim Jae Won-ssi?” Chuu explained she probably doesn’t know the actor since she doesn’t watch TV often. The show mentioned that Chuu was born in 1999, so it’s understandable why she wasn’t able to recognize that actor’s name. Curious, Chuu shared she would definitely look him up after the shooting!

It’s probaby because I don’t watch TV that much. I’ll definitely look him up.

— Chuu

Although Chuu was unfamiliar with Kim Jae Won, the MCs and guest of the show confirmed that she and the actor do have similar gorgeous visuals: “It’s true. you look alike.”

Check out the video below:

Source: @mbcentertain and Star News