LOONA’s Hyunjin’s Version Of An Inspirational Message Had Fans Wheezing

“Hyunjin is a walking meme.”

Fan signings are the best place for fans to have a special moment with the members of their favorite groups.

Oftentimes, they’ll come away with a funny story they’ll always remember. That’s what happened to one Orbit during LOONA‘s.

Wanting to use the opportunity to receive an inspirational message, a fan sought one from Hyunjin. Instead of receiving one they would look back on during tough times, they found themselves with a message that would make them laugh.

Rather than telling the fan to cheer up or keep working hard, Hyunjin had written, “I ate bread instead of rice for dinner today.” The statement had fans cracking up over how out of place it appeared.

It sparked fans to get creative, deciding to make it into an inspirational message through their interpretation.

Rather than taking it at face value, they pointed out how Hyunjin had broken with custom by eating bread instead of rice. By doing so, it could be interpreted that she was doing whatever made her happy.

When viewed in that light, it was indeed a motivational message to break the rules and create your own.

One Orbit even placed the message into a photo like other inspirational quotes would be, with a fitting background to match. They loved it, another giving Hyunjin props for being so funny.

Follow Meme Queen Hyunjin’s lead and do whatever makes you happy, even if it’s eating that piece of bread.