Which LOONA Member Does Loossemble’s Go Won Miss The Most?

“She’s my best friend…”

Recently, one particularly emotional revelation was made by Loossemble‘s Go Won (former member of LOONA) during an online fan signing event. While the K-Pop world is always buzzing with news, updates, and heartwarming anecdotes that further connect idols with their fans, this one has left fans in their feelings more than usual.

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With the formation of Loossemble and the backdrop of the legal challenges, there’s always been a curiosity about the individual relationships of these five girls with their previous LOONA bandmates. As they embarked on their new journey, leaving behind their past, many wondered if the bond forged during their LOONA days still held strong.

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This query was put to rest when a fan posed a rather poignant question to Go Won during the fan signing. The fan asked, “Is there a LOONA member that you miss the most and wish you got to take to America with you?” Without a moment’s hesitation, Go Won’s response was swift and sweet.

Yves because… yes she’s my best friend.

— Go Won

Her candid admission melted the hearts of fans everywhere. It was a powerful testament to the enduring bond Go Won and Yves shared. Despite the circumstances, their friendship stands unshakeable. To many fans, this declaration wasn’t surprising, as the two were often spotted sharing close moments during their LOONA days. They’ve been inseparable, whether it was during rehearsals, promotions, or even the casual moments in between.

Go Won’s revelation and her choice of words sent ripples across social media. Fans were quick to pull out throwback photos and videos of the duo, reminiscing about the golden LOONA days. Many took to Twitter and other platforms, sharing heartfelt messages about how friendships like these are truly irreplaceable.

In the ever-evolving world of K-Pop — where groups change, and members move on — it’s these heartwarming tales of unwavering bonds that truly touch the soul. Go Won’s confession not only gave fans a glimpse into her heart but also showcased the strength and depth of the relationships that idols forge behind the scenes.

Though the paths of LOONA and Loossemble might be different now, the memories and friendships remain forever etched in time.