LOONA’s “Sweet Crazy Love” Had A Completely Different Concept At First, According To The Songwriter

They completely transformed it!

LOONA‘s “Sweet Crazy Love” is adored by Orbits all around the world — but its original concept was actually completely different!

LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE consists of Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry. | loonatheworld/YouTube 

In a recent interview with songwriters Daniel “Obi” Klein and Charli TaftReacttotheK‘s channel creator Umu asked the two musicians about their writing process for K-Pop groups, including LOONA. The two have written songs such as “Eclipse” and “Puzzle.” Taft also worked on LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE‘s (OEC) “Sweet Crazy Love.”

Daniel “Obi” Klein (left) and Charli Taft (right). | ReactotheK/YouTube 

According to Taft, she had actually written “Sweet Crazy Love” months before OEC debuted with “Girl Front” in 2017. She explained that while she was writing it, she had no idea who it was for!

I didn’t know who [“Sweet Crazy Love”] was for; I just wrote to some tracks. […] I didn’t even know about ODD EYE CIRCLE at that point because they were just establishing these new concepts as they were going on and on. So I was just as surprised as anyone.

— Charli Taft

| loonatheworld/YouTube 

When asked about how much the song had changed once it was in LOONA’s hands, Taft revealed that it was drastically different! The original title for the track was “Pillow Fight” and it had a super cute concept.

Do you want to know the original title? It was called “Pillow Fight.” It was about a sleepover and a pillow fight and having fun your girlfriends. It was very cutesy, teenage, first-love. It was completely different from the finished song.

— Charli Taft

Umu (left) interviewed Klein and Taft on her channel, ReacttotheK. | ReacttotheK/YouTube 

Even though the song had entirely transformed by the time it was released, Taft had nothing but praise for the finished product! She said that the music video was “so cool” and called back to when “Sweet Crazy Love” was named one of the best K-Pop songs of 2017 by Billboard.

Billboard’s review of “Sweet Crazy Love.” | Billboard

Check out the full interview below for more insight from these two amazing writers!

Source: ReacttotheK, Billboard and loonatheworld