LOONA’s Vivi Is A Proven Real Life Disney Princess

We aren’t surprised.

In a recent episode of LOONA THE TAM, the members of LOONA spend a day at an amusement park. The members couldn’t hide their excitement as they stepped foot in the park and were excited to ride the various rides available, and eat food, churros, to be exact!

The team divided themselves into 3 groups and started exploring the amusement park to their own enjoyment!

YeojinHeejin, and Vivi went over to an area where they could interact with some cute birds! They need to place their hand over and birds can fly on to it when they feel comfortable.

The key to this is to have bird food on your palm, to lure the birds into coming on your hand! However Vivi seemed like she didn’t need that because as soon as she held her hand out, 2 birds immediately flew on her hand!

Orbits are calling her a real life Disney princess because of her animal-luring powers that only Disney princesses seem to have!

Therefore, the conclusion is that Vivi is a real life Disney princess! Add her singing skills in, and she’s definitely qualified!

Watch the full video here: