LOONA’s Hyunjin Is The Official “Little Meow Meow”

ORBITs just can’t get enough of Hyunjin’s adorable new nickname!

LOONA’s Hyunjin has a new nickname, and it fits her perfectly!

Hyunjin is known for having a lot of nicknames – aeongie, kim aeong, baby cat – just to name a few! However, because of her cute resemblance to a cat (the music video for her solo song “Around You” even featured cats!), a fan recently coined brand-new nickname for her: “Little Meow Meow”.

Hyunjin loved the name, repeating it several times during the interaction with the Orbit! In fact, soon after, she used the nickname to introduce herself during a V-Live broadcast!

Hyunjin’s cute personality and adorable aegyo definitely resemble that of a cute kitty and she’s shown it time and time again.

And her members think so too!

And of course, ORBITs are loving it!

Hyunjin’s definitely the one and only “little meow meow” 🐱