LOONA’s Chuu Has The Most Adorable Reactions Trying To Avoid Park Jihoon

Was Jihoon holding back?

On the 2020 Idol Star Athletics New Year Special, LOONA‘s Chuu had quite the experience of trying to avoid Park Jihoon. They were both on the portion of the show for shooting games and were the last two players left. Jihoon has been known as quite the gamer, so he was viewed as the more experienced person in this situation.

With Chuu being the last player left, Jihoon had all of his focus towards her, while Chuu adorably reacts by running away and requesting Jihoon to go easy on her.

As the game progresses, Chuu still “begs” Jihoon to stop shooting and to go easy on her.

One of the MC’s even started to request for Jihoon to go easy on Chuu because of her lack of gaming abilities.

None of this stopped Jihoon from continuously trying to win the game and keep shooting at Chuu.

Chuu eventually escapes Jihoon, much to Jihoon’s disappointment.

Here is the full video below