LOONA’s Chuu Couldn’t Hide Her Annoyance When Haters Threw Shade At Her Fellow Member

Chuu loves her members so much!

LOONA’s Yves recently made changes to her hair. She decided to cut her hair short for a change.

However in a live broadcast LOONA made a guest appearance in for their comeback promotions, Yves shared that since the time she switched her look up, she has been noticing some negative comments about her new look.

Since I cut off so much of my hair, I’ve been seeing a lot of comments, and some people said I look ba with it. But so what? As long as I like it.

Although she seemed unbothered by the negative comments, Chuu didn’t exactly feel the same way.

Unlike Yves, Chuu felt really affected by the negative comments that were thrown against her fellow member’s appearance. Chuu couldn’t hide her anger even during filming the show.

Chuu was even seen mouthing the words “look in the mirror,” after Yves opened up about receiving hate.

Chuu surely cares about all of her members and want nothing but to protect them from any harm possible.