Louis Tomlinson Has Been Added As A Composer Of EXO’s “Love Shot” And Fans React

Welcome to K-pop Louis!

It seems like SM Entertainment couldn’t ignore the plagiarism accusations of EXO’s Love Shot forever.

Recently, Louis Tomlinson and 5 other producers behind Back To You have been added to the composer/author list of EXO‘s Love Shot on GEMA, a German copyright association that handles the licensing of songs and performances.

The addition is considered as SM Entertainment’s admission for the similarities between the two songs while avoiding public acknowledgment of the accusations.

The reaction of EXO-Ls and Louis Tomlinson fans has been understandably divided. While Louis Tomlinson fans were happy to see him finally getting credit for his work,

EXO-Ls think this is a marketing opportunity for Louis.

Whatever the truth may be, we are happy to see the problem has been resolved and hope fans can finally put this matter behind them!