Korean Netizens Are Gushing Over This Cast Member From The Gay Romance Reality Show, “His Love”

He’s winning everyone’s hearts!

South Korea recently got their first dose of queer in mainstream media. Two gay romance reality shows were aired recently. One of them, His Love (also known as Man’s Romance) received the spotlight for being a gay version of the popular show, Heart Signal. The cast was revealed to viewers in mid-July. Many were excited to see familiar faces such as Instagram influencer Chang Min, and YouTuber Sunyul.

Chang Min, who runs an Instagram account with over 200,000 followers. | Wavve

Although cast member Jeonghyun wasn’t deemed memorable at first, fans are beginning to grow affection and admiration for him. As the show goes on, he is getting noticed more for his handsome looks and adorable personality.

Jeonghyun in the introduction of the show. | Wavve

Viewers were given a taste of just how handsome he really was.

He received more spotlight after his pairing with Changmin blew up in popularity on the show.

His charm and suave looks were further discovered when fans began to watch his Instagram lives.

Jeonghyun’s Instagram live.

His playful side came out when a fan asked if he knew he was pretty. Of course the answer was yes!

Netizens can’t get enough of his charms.

Netizen reactions to Jeonghyun. | theqoo
  • “His visuals are good but his personality is too. Be happy, Jeonghyun!”
  • “He’s handsome.”
  • “He’s very pretty.”
  • “His face is one thing but his personality is really… He’s young but I really want to learn from him in terms of personality. The difference in the atmosphere when he’s there and when he isn’t is so stark.”
  • “What’s this show? It looks so fun.”
  • “His personality is really insane. And of course, his visuals need no words.”
  • “Our god-baby.”

Jeonghyun’s easy-going and kind personality, as well as his visuals, certainly make him a front-runner on the show!

Source: theqoo