Lovelyz Under Fire For Holding Flash-Fan Meeting With Sasaengs

Their fan club is demanding an official apology from Woollim Entertainment

Lovelyz is currently facing heavy scrutiny for interacting with sasaeng fans during a live stream.

Note: Sasaeng fans are overly obsessive fans that engage in stalking, or other behavior that can be considered an invasion of privacy.


The girls of Lovelyz were participating in a live stream on Naver V to celebrate Jin‘s birthday at midnight. At the end of the stream, Jiae exclaimed to the other members that there were fans waiting outside.

“There are a lot of people outside (in front of the company building).” — Jiae


Jin asked the other members to go outside with her to take pictures with the fans in waiting, to which they agreed.

“Can we go and take a picture together later?” — Jin

“Picture? Yes, yes, a picture commemorating your birthday.” — Baby Soul


After the stream ended, the girls did end up going outside to say hi to the fans in waiting. The members spent 15 minutes outside with the fans, talking, taking photos, and singing together.


Upon hearing of this impromptu fan meeting, many people were furious with Lovelyz’ agency, Woollim Entertainment. Netizens believed that fans waiting for the group at midnight could only be sasaeng fans, and they should not be rewarded for their actions.

  • “Why are they rewarding sasaeng fans with a fan meeting and ignoring their real fans…”
  • “It seems like they don’t realize that the fans are sasaengs.”
  • “If this is real, then it’s just crazy…”
  • “Woollim must not take the sasaeng issue seriously…”


In response to the incident, Lovelyz‘ fan club posted a letter to Woollim Entertainment, demanding a response for the incident.


Read the letter in full below:

We Demand Feedback From Woollim Entertainment

This past June 12 2018, fans of Lovelyz camped out and waited at a coffee shop that was closed in front of the company office with no plan, acting just like sasaeng fans.

In addition, after the V Live stream celebrating Jin’s birthday ended, the members of Lovelyz went to the closed coffee shop and took pictures and talked with the sasaeng fans. The manager in attendance went with Lovelyz, sang with the fans, and did nothing to deter the situation.

Waiting for hours in front of a coffee shop for a celebrity, despite being closed is clearly the actions of a sasaeng fan.

For an entertainment company to do nothing against the actions of a sasaeng fan, and for idols to have no awareness of sasaeng fans and to approach them first, this is a serious problem.

If this is to happen again, Lovelyz’ fandom has demands.

One. Woollim Entertainment will take strong and aggressive action against sasaeng fans.

One. Woollim Entertainment will properly educate their artists, Lovelyz, about sasaeng fans.

One. Fandom Lovelinus and idol Lovelyz should be aware of a respectful distance from each other, and shold be careful not to let the same thing happen again in the future.

Lovelyz fan in union, all Lovelinus

Source: Pann and The Big Data