Lovelyz Members Handled This Stage Incident Professionally Despite Being Terrified

It looks like the girls didn’t know this would happen.

On May 16, Lovelyz performed at the Seongju Life Culture Festival. During their set fireworks went off, which is a common occurrence  at concerts, but from the looks of fancams taken at the event it doesn’t look like the Lovelyz members were aware that this would happen.

Lovelyz member Mijoo and the flyer for the festival

When the fireworks go off the entire group is shocked and disoriented for a couple of seconds. Only a few members are able to continue dancing as if nothing happened, but even they look weary of the fireworks.

Kei braved through the first fireworks explosion, but the second time around she thought the fireworks were a little too close for comfort so she moved to a new spot.

Yein, who was at the front of the formation, was completely stopped in her tracks by the fireworks, but she quickly recovered and continued dancing.

Whether or not the girls knew about the fireworks beforehand or not, it was obviously a very shocking and scary moment for them. Nevertheless, they finished their performance professionally.

You can watch the separate fancams below: