Lovelyz Mijoo’s Shocking BTS “FIRE” Cover Left Everybody Speechless

It’s too extra for words.

On a recent episode of Happy Together, Lovelyz‘s Mijoo proved that she is glamorous, talented…and extra AF.


Lovelyz’s Mijoo and Jiae, joined several guests, including Apink‘s Chorong and Bomi, for the September 13 episode of this variety show. At one point, the guests were asked to do something viewers never tire of seeing: dance covers!


This fierce cover of BTS‘s “FIRE” earned a round of applause…


…but when Mijoo’s turn came around, she decided to show everyone why fans’ call her the rising queen of variety shows.


Instead of following BTS’s choreography, Mijoo went freestyle in the best possible way!


Her dance was so absurd, that Kim Ha-on had to watch it through his fingers. Talk about secondhand embarrassment!


Everyone else burst out laughing at this hilarious idol-comedian…


…but they had no idea what she was doing.


Was she being a zombie…


…or a tornado?


No one will ever know!


For the finale, Mijoo kicked off her heels and did “FIRE” justice by going all out with her passionate performance.


Needless to say, if this had been a dance battle, Mijoo would have annihilated the competition!


The see more of her unforgettable “FIRE” cover, check out the clip here.