Lovelyz’ Mijoo Couldn’t Help But Cry While Cooking Fish—Here’s The Adorable Reason Why

She wants to eat but something is holding her back from cooking.

Lovelyz Mijoo recently made an appearance on KakaoTV‘s ‘Runway 2‘ along with YouTuber SooBingsoo! One this special episode, Mijoo and SooBingsoo attempted to make sashimi and spicy fish roe soup.

The episode started out energetic and positive as Mijoo excitedly expressed just how much she loves both sashimi and spicy fish roe soup. It wasn’t until the two began to actually start cooking that Mijoo started to get emotional.

Once the two brought out a live red sea bream, Mijoo realized they would have to kill it themselves. SooBingsoo bravely held down the fish to start cutting, however, the fish started to jump around and Mijoo was startled.

Mijoo then overcame her fear and started to show her concern for the fish. Adorably, Mijoo cried out, “It’s in pain. What do we do? It’s alive.”

Once SooBingsoo noticed the tears shedding from Mijoo’s eyes, she went over to wipe her. While SooBingsoo hilariously placed a paper towel on her face, Mijoo said, “Let’s not kill it. Let’s not kill it.”

A staff member asked, “Didn’t you say you liked spicy fish roe soup?” The episode then cut to Mijoo before they started cooking where expressed how much she enjoys both dishes. Once the episode cut back to Mijoo crying, Mijoo shared, “I don’t think I can eat sashimi.” 

It seemed like Mijoo was ready to get back to cooking when she realized the fish was pregnant and started to tear up again.

SooBingsoo also asked Mijoo if she likes spicy fish roe soup to which she made everyone laugh with her answer, “I love it so much…” 

Once Mijoo gathered herself, she began to descale the fish and it made everyone in the kitchen laugh. The even funnier part of it all was Mijoo commented, “It’s fun” while descaling the fish.

Check out the video below:

Source: Wikitree