Lovelyz’s Mijoo Reveals Her Dreams For The Future

The world is her oyster!

In a recent interview ahead of her editorial with The Star Magazine, Lovelyz‘s Mijoo looked at her dreams and aspirations for the future.

Mijoo explained how she hopes that Lovelyz can have another online concert to interact with their fans. More personally, she adds that she wants to release a solo album and try different and more diverse concepts!

I want to try a strong concept, like something that’s confident, sexy, and funky. For seven years, Lovelyz just showed their lovely side, my goal is to now show a mature side.

— Lovelyz Mijoo

She also added that she wants to continue working to improve herself, sharing, “I want to live as someone who does their best. I’ll become someone with tireless energy.”

Mijoo also touched upon the differences between participating in entertainment shows and making music.

On variety shows, I show my true self and not the idol Mijoo. On stage, I want to show my unexpected charm and be an aspiring person as an idol through performances.

— Lovelyz Mijoo

The idol has recently shone both as part of Lovelyz and alone on variety shows, including her own web entertainment show MIJOOPICKCHU on The K-Pop YouTube channel.

In her latest editorial, Mijoo showed off her stunning visuals in a photoshoot that showcased a more serious side to the usually cheerful and bubbly idol.

Source: Naver