Lovelyz’s Mijoo Describes The Difference Between Her In Variety Shows Versus Her In Lovelyz

We love her in everything!

Many know that Lovelyz‘s Mijoo is not only a talented artist but also as variety gold! In a recent interview with The Star, Mijoo was asked, “Mijoo, what does variety show and music mean?” In response, Mijoo shared exactly what each meant to her and how she represents herself in each.

Right off the bat, Mijoo revealed, “They’re totally different.

Mijoo continued and further explained that she portrays certain sides of herself depending on whether she’s on a variety show or performing with her group.

So I just showed the real me when I went out for the variety show. On stage, I wanna be the role model of every girl. So I have a charm coming from my gap between the entertainer and idol.

— Mijoo

Due to her more playful self coming out through variety shows, Mijoo shared that she requested not to do funny performances through Lovelyz.

I told my agency that I don’t wanna do something fun when I perform on the stage. I would like to tell you that there’s no funny Mijoo on the stage. On the stage, there’s no funny Mijoo.

— Mijoo

As for the type of variety shows she wants to try next, Mijoo revealed she loves the outdoors a lot so an overnight show is one she really wants to do.

Hopefully, her desires will come true because we’d love to see Mijoo’s bubbly and playful personality more!

Check out the interview below: