Lovelyz’s Sujeong Talks About The Hypocrisy Of Comments About Girl Group Members’ Weight

“…they would even curse at us.”

Lovelyz‘s Sujeong once sat down for an interview with KBS Entertain. During the interview, she was asked about the group’s diets in general and if they had any tips.

Sujeong shared that really loved chicken feet, but the problem was that the spicy seasoning sauce that comes with it is high in calories. Hence, she simply boiled the chicken feet to reduce unnecessary calories and ate it plain. Sujeong also revealed the heartbreaking hypocrisy behind comments about their weight as girl group members.

While fans and the public alike would always comment things such as, “you’re pretty if you eat well,” and “it’s best to be healthy,” encouraging the girls to eat their fill, the reality was different.

She revealed that even though everyone would say that to her, the truth of the matter was that people only like those that look pretty on camera. As the camera is known to add ten pounds, she doesn’t have a choice but to diet. Sujeong even shared that if they gain some weight and it shows through broadcasts, the public would even curse at them.

The path to being a girl group member certainly isn’t easy. We hope that she will be able to take care of her health while maintaining what she feels is the best look for herself!

Source: KBS Entertain