Lovelyz’s Version Of BTS’s “Boy With Luv” Is Acoustic And Heavenly AF

Oh my my my!

On the latest episode of Weekly Idol, Lovelyz‘s BabySoul, Kei, and Jin showed off an acoustic version of BTS’s “Boy With Luv” and fans can’t believe how heavenly it turned out to sound!


Prior to performing, BabySoul shared that the members worked on giving the song a “Lovelyz” vibe. As Lovelyz members are well known to be queens of harmonizing, the show hosts got excited to hear their version of the popular BTS hit song.


BabySoul, Kei, and Jin sounded amazing in this acoustic version of “Boy With Luv”. They even changed the lyrics to “girl with luv” and really gave it their own color. Fans of both BTS and Lovelyz are falling in love with this cover!

Show host Kwanghee, after being blessed with Lovelyz’s vocal magic, playfully double checked the singers’ microphones, suspecting them of using autotune to become so pitch perfect in the harmonization of their voices!


Listen to the awesome cover below: