Lovelyz’s Yein Reveals She’d Never Seen A Member Of Her Group Until They Recorded Their Debut Song

“I saw one member for the first time on the day of the recording.”

Lovelyz‘s Yein revealed that until they all got together to record their debut song, she’d never seen this member of Lovelyz before!

| Woollim Entertainment

In an interview, Yein talked about how she became an idol and her life after debut, among other things!

One of the things she talked about in the interview was how difficult she had it as a newly-debuted idol with only a few months of training backing her!

I went through lots of difficulties after making my debut, but now that I look back, it was something to be really grateful for.


Yein then elaborated on the difficulties she had after debuting, and revealed that because of her short trainee period of 4 months, she barely knew her members before they were put together in a group!

I had debuted utterly unprepared, and I was so frightened. I was only a trainee for a very short time and hadn’t lived for long with the other members, so there were no special anecdotes between us or time to define my character. The choreography was still confusing. I didn’t have a goal like, “I want to be like this when I debut; I want to be this kind of person”.

I had none of that. I was a trainee, and all of a sudden, we were put in the same team, and recorded a song right after.


She then revealed that until the day they met to record their debut song, she had never seen the group’s leader, Baby Soul, ever before that!

I saw one member for the first time on the day of the recording. I met Baby Soul unnie for the first time in the recording studio. Everything was happening so fast.


Even though they weren’t close before debuting, over the years, Baby Soul and Yein have shown that they’re now adorably close to each other!

You can watch Yein talk about this here, from the 3:57 mark onwards!