Lovelyz’s Girl Crush Performance On Queendom Falls Short Of Expectations

“Their movements are too anchored on innocent concepts.”

Lovelyz is currently receiving mixed views regarding their latest Mnet‘s “Queendom” performance. The girl group chose to forego their soft and delicate concept to cover the girl crush song “Sixth Sense” by Brown Eyed Girls.

While their performance saw great reviews among international fans, Korean netizens found it lacking in a number of ways, particularly their soft vocals and facial expressions.

If they want to pull off girl crush, they need facial expressions too. And even their movements are so anchored on innocent concepts that it’s so off ㅜㅜ

– Korean Netizen

Some pointed out that they lacked chemistry.

They’re not even a survival group, but the members don’t have any harmony with each other

– Korean Netizen

Others, however, were less critical, praising the expressions of Jisoo and Kei‘s impressive high note.

International fans took to Twitter to defend the girls.

They mentioned that the vocals seemed soft because they wanted the song to fit their style more.

Watch the full performance below:

Source: TheQoo