Lovelyz’s Jin Claps Back At Haters On Instagram Like A Boss And Fans Are Loving It

Jin will say what’s on her mind.

Aside from the spotlight and the fame, there are numerous hardships that K-Pop idols have to endure including haters. Lovelyz’s Jin has had enough of the haters and has stated on live streams that she will not hold back when she sees one.

One comment read, “Are you really an idol, you look just like an ordinary person.” Jin didn’t hesitate to answer right back. “I’m not an idol but a ‘dol-i’ (“psycho” in Korean). Bring your ‘dduk-baeki’ (meaning slang for “head”) here and give me a hammer.”

Here are several other witty responses from Jin from other questions she received.

My boyfriend says that he loves you unni.

She responds saying that she doesn’t want to be the bad bitch, “I don’t want to become the bad person so mister boyfriend please continue your pretty love.”

Unni can you go to my middle school class instead of me please.

She responds with a witty comment, “Ok then do you want to do a comeback for me instead?”

What is your favorite stage outfit out of all the outfits you’ve worn so far?

She gives an honest answer about this as well. “To be honest, I don’t have one.”

Unni I don’t want to work now what should I do.

She captures the lyrics from the song that highlights the part, “I have to go work I’m so busy” and leaves the comment, “See ya.”

What can I do to be as pretty as Jueun unni?

Jueun is actually Jin’s older sister. “Do you really have nothing else to do? @HITHISISJUEN”

Fans who saw the posts left comments of praise saying that they shouldn’t have to hold everything in just because they are idols.

Idols already have it hard enough already, there’s no need for them to back down to all the haters!