Lovelyz’s Kei Trends On SNS For Her “Different” Nose Shape

Some think she got surgery.

On March 6, Lovelyz‘s Kei was a guest on the final episode of Sugarman 3, and her appearance shocked many who watched the show. Her nose in particular became a hot topic on Korean social media.

Some viewers claimed that Kei appeared to have a slimmer nose and must have gone under the knife to achieve it.

The consensus among the comments, however, was that her alleged nose job was unsuccessful because of its asymmetrical shape.

The side effects of her nose surgery is really bad…Since she’s a celebrity they should’ve done it better…ㅠㅠ

– K-Netizen

Those who believe she had gotten surgery are blaming the company for it, claiming that they must have pushed her into doing it.

I think that this couldn’t be helped since it was already scheduled but it’s true that her company ruined her.

– K-Netizen

Ultimately, whether true or not, they hope this serves as a warning for those who do not recognize the risks in getting plastic surgery.

There are also a lot of failed surgeries but they either stop showing up or they end up dying. That’s why people only see the successful side of surgery. You’ll need to keep doing nose surgery for the rest of your life…It can either become worse or you need to keep maintaining this for the rest of your life.

– K-Netizen

Source: Nate