Lovelyz’s Unfiltered Thoughts Revealed When Live Broadcast Starts Recording Without Them Knowing

They had no idea that the broadcast had already begun.

The girls of Lovelyz have been receiving a lot of attention from netizens after footage of their unfiltered conversations were leaked online!


In commemoration of their comeback with their 4th mini album “Heal,” Lovelyz participated in a special live stream. As fans were waiting for the stream to start, they were greeted by this still image.


What the members of Lovelyz didn’t realize, however, was the fact that their microphones were turned on.

  • “I want to see them.”
  • “I want to see lovelinus.”
  • “I want to hurry and start the stream.”


Even though there was no video in the stream, fans were surprised to hear a live audio stream of Lovelyz talking amongst themselves.

  • “Isn’t V App really great?”
  • “Don’t you guys want to do this everyday?” 


When the stream finally started, they still had no idea that their video feed was on. The members of Lovelyz continued to talk amongst themselves.

  • “I want to do V App everyday.”
  • “I wish this became part of our daily schedule.”
  • “It’s great. It’s so great!”


Upon realizing that the stream had already started, they  quickly greeted fans that had been waiting all along.

“Hello…was the stream on?” — Yein


The girls of Lovelyz were caught off guard, but they were able to successfully complete the stream with no issues.

“We really had no idea!” — Yein


Check out a clip from the segment below: