Low-Income Student Thanks Late Sulli for the Feminine Hygiene Package She Received for Free

“Ms. Jinri, your efforts have been well-delivered, and I feel a lot stronger thanks to you.” – Netizen

A netizen recently posted a photo on their social media along with the message, “It looks like the sanitary pad business that late Sulli was preparing with ‘Cheongdam Girl’ was finally brought to fruition.

The photo shows various feminine hygiene products including sanitary pads, sanitary underwear, and a sexual education pamphlet that Sulli‘s Jinri Market produced with the female product brand, Cheongdam Girl.


The netizen expressed that the products were well-delivered to low-income students such as herself.

These were well-delivered to me and other low-income students.

– Ms. A

She even went on to describe the contents she found in the large box that she received.

Inside the large box were around 20 packs of sanitary pads, sanitary underwear, hot packs, and a sexual education pamphlet that’s much more useful than what they teach you at school.

– Ms. A

The netizen then expressed her gratitude for late Sulli, as well as her longing for the star.

When I saw the logo for Jinri Market on the packages, I felt myself tear up. Ms. Jinri, your efforts have been well-delivered, and I feel a lot stronger thanks to you.

– Ms. A

Before her passing, Sulli planned to produce and sell sanitary pads through Jinri Market 2 in order to help out girls of low-income households who can’t afford it themselves.

But before the program could be established, Sulli passed away, and in honor of the star, the producer of Jinri Market and Cheongdam Girl donated 100,000 sanitary pads.

It’s been reported that the total cost of the donation summed up to around 500 million won (~$400,000 USD).


Source: Insight