Lucky Fan Gets Chosen To Speak With Yuri… Talks About Yoona Instead

He didn’t quite think this one through.

On a recent episode of Talk to You 2, one lucky man who was given the chance to interact with Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri blew it completely by mentioning a completely different member!


When the host Kim Je Dong asked for a volunteer to compete in the audience-wide “Best Voice” contest, a man raised his hand to try his luck. Kim Je Dong called on Yuri to decide if the man’s voice is worthy of a special prize.


The man began speaking in a deep, masculine voice and Yuri immediately became interested.


Unfortunately, his words that followed had everyone in the audience laughing and Yuri was not too impressed.

YoonA is becoming even more popular these days…” — Man


Yuri decided there wasn’t much more to hear and promptly stated that he was disqualified!

“Disqualified! Completely disqualified!” — Yuri


The man tried to make up for his grave mistake by adding that Yuri will become popular too. The host realized this “fan” actually has no idea what he was saying and took Yuri’s side to point out she’s already a superstar from Girls’ Generation.

We knew this, but it looks like he needed to be reminded!

Source: Asia E

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