Lucky fans spotted Irene in Bali… and what she did for them will make you crazy jealous

Irene’s generosity blew her Indonesian fans away!

Red Velvet‘s Irene flew off to Bali, Indonesia to take a vacation from her work, but not from her fans. Those who were lucky enough to meet Irene were blown away by the singer’s generosity and beauty.


K-Celebs are very busy people and fans are lucky if they can snap a single picture with them. But Irene? She let the same group of devoted fans take, not one selfie…


..or two…


…or three…


…but four selfies with her!


Irene was happy to create a few special moments with fans, who have supported her success every step of the way.


She paid back their dedication with the gift of unforgettable memories.


In response to the photos, fans took to social media to express how kind and beautiful Irene was.


They said she looked just as amazing in person as she does on stage!


Irene sure loves her fans! She even took the time to sign autographs at the Bali airport.

Source: SBS News (1) and (2)

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