Luhan, Tao, Kris, And f(x)’s Victoria Showed Off Their Close Friendship In Kris’ New MV

Luhan, Tao, and Victoria showed some major support for Kris.

It hasn’t been too long since KrisTao, and Luhan have finally patched things up and become close friends for the first time since leaving EXO, but they haven’t been shy about it since. In fact, they, along with f(x)‘s Victoria who became friends with Kris through a reality show, have recently shown fans a glimpse of their strong friendship


Back in 2017, Kris Wu became the subject of many a meme thanks to his rap skills during a noodle stretching game on a variety show. Since then, he’s taken the whole memeful incident and turned it into a hit song “Big Bowl, Thick Noodle”.


While the song itself is dazzling fans, it’s the new dance music video that has been giving lots of fans reasons to celebrate because it shows a glimpse into Kris, Tao, Luhan, and Victoria’s friendship.


The new MV was a dance project and showcases people from all over dancing along to Kris’ song. As groups of people in offices, cafes, and even in the street dance to the song…


Fans got a special surprise when they spotted f(x)’s Victoria, as well as, Luhan and Tao dancing along to the song!


It turns out the three had joined in the dance project to support Kris!


Although the friends danced to the song in different places, fans have been loving the fact that they all came together to support Kris’ project!


Now that’s true friendship! Check out the video below.