Kris, Tao, And Luhan Just Became Close Friends For First Time Since Leaving EXO, Here’s What Happened

The three of them are finally close again.

Kris, Tao, and Luhan have finally patched things up and have become close friends for the first time since leaving EXO.


Interactions between two of the former members, let alone all three, is incredibly rare. Back in 2017, fans caught a glimpse of the lasting friendship between Tao and Luhan when Luhan sent happy birthday wishes to Tao. Fans also got a taste for Luhan and Kris’ friendship when everyone learned they still call each other. All three of them together, however, was practically unheard of!


But their friendship looks like it has weathered the test of time. Last month, everyone found out that Kris and Tao had patched up and had rekindled their relationship. While that was already amazing enough, fans have just found out that all three of them have become close friends again.


During an episode of Luhan’s Adventure Trip to Europe, fans found out just how close the three had become recently. Earlier this year Luhan traveled to Europe but he had a big problem, he was afraid of flying.

“It was difficult for Luhan to travel by air. He had to prepare for it psychologically for a long time. It was particularly bad this time.”

— LaoGao, Luhan’s Friend


In fact, he was so afraid of flying that he missed two flights out of China!

“He usually drinks the day before and then drinks again before getting on board, otherwise, he can’t do it but he didn’t want to do that this time. The original plan was to take off on January 9th and when we failed, our first reaction was that we probably couldn’t make this trip.”

— LaoGao, Luhan’s Friend


But when it came around to a possible third flight, Luhan got a little help from Kris and Tao! It was revealed that the two had gone around to Luhan’s house and tried to calm him down and convince him to take the third flight.

“There was another flight at 6 a.m. on the 11. We were worried but then Z.Tao showed up. He and Kris Wu were trying to convince him to take this flight. I think they even went to Luhan’s home.”

— LaoGao, Luhan’s Friend


Tao stayed with Luhan and even went with him to the airport. Although it took Luhan a while, with a little help from his two friends he was able to bravely step onto the airplane without any aid at all!

“They stayed together for a while then Tao went with him to the airport terminal the next morning. They stayed in the car for a while when suddenly, Luhan opened the door and got out of the car. He then straightforwardly said, ‘Let’s go.’ I really respect him. Nobody was with him, nobody dragged him onto the plane, it was just Tao who dropped him off.”

— LaoGao, Luhan’s Friend


The amazing news that all three of them have become close even sparked a trending topic on Weibo!

“Luhan thanked Tao and Kris” trended at no. 1 on Weibo.


Now that’s true friendship! Check out the video below.

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