Luna Makes Devastating Confession That She Lost Another Friend to Suicide One Month After Sulli’s Passing

Just one month after Sulli’s passing, Luna lost another close friend she had been living with.

On a recent episode of Human Documentary People is Good, Luna made the devastating confession that she lost another close friend to suicide 1 month after Sulli‘s passing.

On the show, Luna opened up about how Sulli’s passing affected her as well as the final text they exchanged before her passing.

Luna Speaks up About Sulli’s Final Text Message Before Her Passing

And as devastating as that was for Luna, her parents were even more worried when another close friend of hers passed away due to suicide one month after Sulli’s passing.

It looked like she had lost all hope. It looked like she just gave up.

– Luna’s Parents

Just one month after Sulli’s passing on November 29, Luna lost another close friend whom she had lived with.

Her name was Lee Ji Eun (Sophia), and although she was also a trainee who dreamt of debuting, she ended up taking a different route in life but continued to cheer Luna on.

Luna revealed that the friend passed away by suicide and expressed just how much she meant to her.

She was family to me. She lived with me at my house, and she was like my best friend. Life must have been too painful for her. I can’t understand everything, but I know she was in pain. She was a friend who had many similarities to me. We relied on each other and promised to overcome everything together. So I didn’t know she’d just leave like that.

– Luna


Luna expressed her deep regret about not being there when it happened.

Why did I have to sleep at that time? Why did I fall asleep? It happened in the span of an hour. I regret it and I miss her a lot.

– Luna

It was revealed on the show that many of the friend’s belongings still remained at Luna’s house.

But Luna also shared that she’s been doing better as she defined what she thinks is happiness.

I’m the happinest right now because I’m living a healthy life. I feel like a happy ending is laughing, being happy, and enjoying the smaller things in life, and living with others, not alone.

– Luna

May both Sulli and Lee Ji Eun continue to rest in peace.

Source: Dispatch