Luna Opens up About Her Panic Disorder and Explains Just How Severe It Was

“I felt it physically. I couldn’t get in the car.” – Luna

On the most recent episode of Human Documentary People is Good, Luna opened up about her panic disorder and explained just how severe it was.

On the show, Luna looked back on her past with panic disorder and confessed that it wasn’t good.

My condition was really bad in the past. I used to have a really hard time.

– Luna

She continued and explained that it was particularly severe in the car.

I actually had a severe case of the panic disorder. I felt it physically. I couldn’t get in the car. As soon as I got into the car, my hands and feet would tremble, and I felt like I was going to go crazy. I was so scared that I couldn’t ride in the car.

– Luna

Regarding her severe panic disorder, Luna’s mother also spoke up and shared how she gets her daughter to take her medicine without panicking.

I can’t leave the medicine out and let her see lots of it at once. If my daughter sees them all out, she thinks something’s horribly wrong and asks, ‘I have to take that much?’ So I only leave out little bits at a time.

– Luna’s Mother

Her mother continued that by using this method, Luna has no problem taking the medicine when she needs them.

This is a method that’s worked for me. If I prepare just a few for her at a time, she takes them when she urgently needs them.

– Luna’s Mother

It’s reassuring to hear that Luna is managing it well now with the help of her caring mother.

Source: Dispatch