The Luxury Apartment Tied To A Hong Kong Socialite’s Murder Sells For A Shocking Price

The unit sold sometime in the weeks following her murder.

On Wednesday, February 22, an investigation was opened regarding the disappearance of Abby Choi, a Hong Kong model, and millionaire influencer.

Abby Choi | @xxabbyc/Instagram

In the days following, police were horrified to discover parts of Choi’s body inside a house in the Tai Po district. Most shocking of all, a skull, ribs, and hair were found inside a large stainless steel soup pot, while soup believed to contain human tissue was also found at the scene.

The refrigerator believed to have held Choi’s remains being removed. | HK01
The residence where the remains were found. | HK01

Five people have been arrested in connection with the case — Choi’s ex-husband, Alex Kwong, his brother and parents, and his father’s mistress.

Choi’s ex-husband Alex Kwong | NY Post

It is alleged that plans to sell a building owned by Choi under Kwong’s father’s name motivated the murder. According to local media, the building is a luxury apartment in the Kandooria housing complex.

The apartment is located in one of the most prestigious addresses in Hong Kong and has been home to many celebrities, including singer and actor Andy Lau.

The building where the apartment is located. | Spacious HK

The 1,820 sq ft luxury flat was initially listed for sale on a realty site for around HK$67 million (around 8.5 million USD).

An unrelated unit for rent in the same building. | Midland Realty
An unrelated unit for rent in the same building. | Midland Realty
An unrelated unit for rent in the same building. | Midland Realty

It is unclear when the unit sold, but it appears to have sold for HK$72.8 million (around 9.2 million USD). A few days ago, Choi’s mother filed a write to prevent her daughter’s former father-in-law from selling the property.

The five involved in the murder case appeared in court on February 28 and were denied bail. The case has been adjourned until May 8 as police continue their investigation.

One of the suspects being apprehended. | Reuters

Abby Choi was a wealthy influencer who attended many high-profile events and was recently featured on the cover of  L’Officiel Monaco‘s February edition.



Source: Inquirer

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